CDIA Podcast: Olympics

Thursday, February 18, 2010

For over twenty years I've been shooting the Olympics. It's the biggest cross-cultural, international event in the world. Every four years a host country builds a whole new city. I have done all of the games both Summer & Winter during that time. David Tames who was at the Center for Digital Imaging Art(CDIA)at the time did a podcast with me which you can see here... - Interview with Lou Jones - Olympic Photographer

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Death Row

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

David Lee Powell #612
Ellis 1 Unit
Huntsville, Texas
June 1993

In 1990 I embarked on a personal odyssey to investigate capital punishment in the USA.  Like Ulysses it took my studio seven years to find our way home.  The journey resulted in two books both titled Final Exposure: Portraits from Death Row & dozens of exhibitions in galleries, schools & state capital buildings.

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Collecting Photographers: David Burnett

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

 Recently I ran into David Burnett at,VISA POUR L’IMAGE in Perpignan, France. We reminisced about all the places we had run into each other around the world. Then I flashed back to our first meeting.

One of the more humiliating things in this business is all the infinitely long lines we occasionally endure to obtain credentials. Like a typical news schlub, I was standing in an interminable line of cameramen & reporters & photographers at Logan Airport. The Secret Service was doing security checks of the media. Mesomorphs in dark suits were surreptitiously listening to wires coiling out of their ears. Standing behind me in line was a hirsute photographer with a worn khaki jacket full of bulging pockets. Somehow under all that hair I recognized a face that I had only seen in magazines. In between his past Pulitzer Prize photographs from Vietnam & his future Picture of the Year photographs, he was in Boston covering the Pope John Paul ii visit to USA.

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