Canon versus Nikon: off the record interview

Monday, February 6, 2017

Photo by Michael DeStefano
Canon: I don’t know what the big deal is. There is no rivalry. We’re pretty much good friends.
Nikon: Well it’s not like we hang out or anything. Except at big events like Olympics, inaugurations, car races...stuff like that.
Canon: He’s a jerk sometimes. We’ve had our differences. But he won’t admit he loves me.
Nikon: Shut up.
Canon: We’re always trying to one up each other but we have a lot in common though. We’re getting along much better now.
Nikon: The worst part? He’s into color, I still love black & white. Classic.
Canon: Canon Leica Nikon. haha
Nikon: Jeez. Haven’t heard that one in at least half an hour.
Canon: We have both been part of photography history. An integral part.

Nikon: But I was first.
Canon: You always manage to work that into every conversation. Get over it.

Nikon: The highlights? Hard one. Maybe all the prizes I’ve won. Pulitzers. World Press Photo. You know?
Canon: Nah! All the great photos of pretty girls. Cars. Pinups. Marilyn. Beyonce. Lamborghinis.
Nikon: Come on. You can never be serious.
Canon: & you can never take a joke. Like the time with that space shuttle fiasco. You screwed the pooch on that one.
Nikon: That wasn’t funny.

Canon: Regrets? Photography has always been kind of expensive. Might like that to change.
Nikon: But that digital thing, who saw that coming?
Canon: Helped my career.

Photo by Michael DeStefano
Nikon: Most of the others have come & gone but we are still hanging in there. Photography is probably more important today than ever. The responsibility is palpable.
Canon: Yeah. Who remembers Argus, Yashika, Ricoh, Polaroid, Kodak?
Nikon: Be nice.

Canon: Oh yeah & those crotch shots of Britney Spears & stuff. Awesome.
Nikon: Cut it out!
Canon: Hah. Knew that would get him. Do not believe all that stuff. When he’s off the record he’s a horn dog. Really into the porn...Just kidding.

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