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Thursday, September 29, 2011

 This week we have a few inspiring videos including Irwin Wongs humorous music video about Copyright infringement and Possible proof that Nickolas Cage is Immortal.

 1) Pay Me feat. Irwin Wong
Not only is this a funny take on a real issue in the industry right now but its a viral marketing master piece. Picked up by several Photo blogs all leading back to Mr. Wongs own website.

2) Did you know the BOOK?
Bio Optical Organized Knowledge device is the latest Analog craze.

Okay, so I bought one but how do I patch it to the current version?

3) US Gov Sues The Art Institutes
Earlier this month, the US Department of Justice sued Pittsburgh-based Education Management Corporation, which is 41 percent owned by investment bank Goldman Sachs. The government has charged  the company with fraudulently collecting $11 billion dollars in state and federal student financial aid between July of 2003 to June of 2011. EDMC allegedly collected $2.2 billion of that money in 2010 alone. That amounted to almost 90 percent of the company's 2010 revenues.
4) How Much Should You Charge?
Adorama TV presenting Mark Wallace explain the basics of setting your rates and Licensing fees.

5) Proof Nickolas Cage is Immortal?
I have a feeling he is.
The story here is that an Ebay seller apparently found this old carte-de-visite showing a Nicholas Cage lookalike—and reached what is surely the only reasonable explanation, which is that the photo proves Nicholas Cage is a vampire.

6) Salt

In his search for “somewhere I could point my camera into pure space,” award-winning photographer Murray Fredericks began making annual solo camping trips to remote Lake Eyre and its salt flats in South Australia.

SALT Doco Trailer from SALTdoco on Vimeo.

7) Photo Matters
This website explores the creative variables of photography, one at a time, to see how each works.


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